Sunday, October 27, 2013

Stay Fit and Strong with Healthy Food

So this week I decided to eat only healthy food, it may be fruits, drinks, vegetables, meat, oat and more. So I went to my favorite retail store Auchan Gurgaon and picked up some Juice, chicken, banana, apple, papaya and kiwis. I tasted kiwis in 2001 very first time in my life in Dehradun, since then I am in love with this fruit. After spending three hours in Auchan I came back to home and cooked Kadai Chicken and Rice and had delicious food with my friend. After lunch I switched on TV and watched movie OMG (Bollywood Movie) and clicked some pics of kiwis. Here I am sharing some pics of my favorite fruit. ENJOY!

 Kiwifruit 1

Kiwifruit 2
Kiwifruit 3
Kiwifruit 4
Kiwifruit 5
Kiwifruit 6
Kiwifruit 7

 Pictures clicked by Prashant Sehgal
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