Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Jursons Kaspers STAND: Reminds You to Wash Hands after Using Toilet

Quite a lot of men forget to wash their hands after using the toilet, especially urination. The reason why men do not wash their hands after going to the toilet because they are lazy or they are so drunk or so hurry. If you take the time to observe a male toilet then you will find many people skip sink. But with this urinal new design by Jursons Kaspars the problem can be solved. Kaspers combines urinal and sink together. Sinks will be placed above the urinals, it will be located right in front of you and you have to remember that you should wash your hands after urinating. Indeed if standing in front of the urinal you still not washing your hands that mean you are too lazy. Kaspars Jursons products named STAND. STAND cock mounted sensor for auto sprinklers when you put hands on, very convenient. Although you do not currently have the opportunity to use urinals STAND , but also try to remember to wash your hands after using the toilet okay.


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