Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Samsung launched the Music Hub an Online Music Service

In early May, Samsung announced acquisition mSpot music services, and now we know the exact purpose for which it wants to do with it. Today, the Korean electronics company has officially launched the online music service Music Hub, which allows you to access the library of 19 million tracks 100GB Samsung and stored on your account.

This is considered one of the first steps of Samsung's digital content market, currently dominated by Apple and other vendors. In addition to music available, users can listen to content from the radio or download music up in case of no data on the library. Music Hub also supports synchronizing playlists from iTunes to user accounts. Senior vice president of multimedia solutions array of Samsung Tae Jin Kang said this is the first Samsung build a service from AZ, and "we want to build the biggest repository of digital content, greater than Apple .... Previously, Samsung is not really focused on digital content sector, but things will soon change.”

Music Hub will appear on Galaxy S III, and then Samsung will bring up the older devices such as Galaxy and Galaxy S II Note, Smart TV, and even smart refrigerators. In the future, this will be a standard feature for its smartphones. Initially, users can access through Music Hub player software based on web browser, while waiting for IOS applications and many other platforms under development. Samsung's goal is to extend the maximum coverage of the Music Hub service, aimed at creating momentum for the strategic development of the digital content.


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