Thursday, April 26, 2012

LG Unveiled the New Generation 3D TV Called Cinema 3D Smart TV in 2012

Today, LG has officially introduced the new generation products of their TV called Cinema 3D Smart TV in 2012. New TV Series possesses a completely new design, luxury and ultra-thin screen edges. Smart TV on Cinema 3D 2012, users can also immersed in its own library of LG 3D entertainment with diverse content and exclusive movies, sports, games and educational programs for young children urged. Especially with Dual Play feature, users can play 3D games entirely new resistance when connected to Xbox, Kinect or Play Station. In addition, Smart TV is integrated between the 3D content-rich, high-end services and more than 1200 applications for Smart TV.

New TV line is equipped with LG's 3D FPR, based on 3D image reconstruction by means of passive, viewers will use polarized glasses to see the floating image. LG said that this technology brings viewers a 3D effect is extremely impressive, providing up to 178-degree viewing angle and eliminate the phenomenon completely shake blur, noise stripes. In addition to 3D visual effects, LG's new TV series is integrated with 3D sound technology features multi-dimensional audio amplifier 3D Sound Zooming to deliver the best quality for users.

TV has debuted two models highlight the LM9600 (55 ") and LM7600 (55", 47 ", 42"). LM9600 is a TV equipped with Nano Full LED technology, Flash 10 support, HTML 5.0 and 2GHz dual-core processors. LG said Nano Full LED technology to bring better image quality and to reduce the thickness of the TV. In addition to a good presentation of 3D content, the LM9600 also allows users to access Internet, Web browsing and social networking easily. Finally, the LM7600, TVs owns beautiful design and modern features. With single-core 900MHz processor, the index MCI (Motion clearity Index) reached 800Hz, it promises to provide fast-moving images a smooth one.



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