Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Touchscreen Can Be Used To Detect Biomolecules

South Korean scientists are developing a smart-phone technology which will diagnose diseases including Cancer and Diabetes. If they have their way, we can diagnose our illness by using smartphone. The phone will result instant for illness from just a drop of blood on phone screen, and the result would be hundred percent accurate.

The technology was developed on the basis of ‘capacity sensitivity’. Scientist said it would be a revolution for medical world. A team research can enable pones to diagnose cancer to diabetes Park Hyun-Gyu said. If user has a certain type of DNA, the phone would reply the same way as a finger’s electrical signal is detected.

A scientist team is working on it regularly, still they have more work to complete the product. Mr. Hyun-Gyu said, all practical would be done in laboratory, once it is completed the technology could deliver to users. He said the technology will save money, time and lives.


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