Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Now beat age and increase immunity with MonaVie

MonaVie a beverage company founded in 2003, company launched blended fruit juice in January 2005 by MLM Company Monarch Health Sciences, which helps you in weight loss and give you more energy and enthusiastic life. After making big business in USA & UK the company decided to launch its product in India. Company will launch limited product in India which will include Health Juices, Health Mixes, Energy Blends, Weight Solutions.
Here is short description about MonaVie Product:

Health Juices
MonaVie Essential & MonaVie Pulse:
This is mixture of 19 health-conducive fruits and Brazilian açai berry in one drink. açai berry is one of nature’s top fruit. Açai mostly used for food and Beverages. Scientist told Freeze-dried acai fruit powder contains 533.9 calories, 52.2g carbohydrates and 8.1g protein. In general markets acai is sold as frozen pulp, MonaVie tried to make it more delicious and healthy. MonaVie health juice helps us to fight with symptoms of aging.

Health Mixes
MonaVie (M) MUN: This is also made by acai that is a powder formed which helps to immune system to stay in top-running form. Scientist approved MonaVie as a perfect immune protective product. It helps to improve good feelings in time of stress. It is also complete fusion of various vitamins and minerals.

Energy Blends
MonaVie E
mv: This is a complete energy drink which is blend of antioxidant-rich fruits, superfruit-acai and maqui. MonaVie Emv gives 100 percent natural energy and helps you to stay fresh all the time. Now your energy is in your hand, you can get your energy anytime you want by MonaVie Emv.

Weight Solutions
MonaVie RVL Nutrition Shake mix:
This is a perfect product for today’s generation; mostly people are finding out a good solution and medicine for weight loss. MonaVie make it very simple bye their product. Just one drink of MonaVie RVL gives a wider range of nutrients than a typical meal. It will surely be proven a good medicine for losing weight.


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