Thursday, February 9, 2012

New motion-sensing controller by Microsoft could signal the end of the mouse

If Microsoft’s latest innovation is a success, well, computer users around the world may very soon be bidding farewell to the good old mouse. The company is launching a new motor-sensing controller that, sources claim, will allow users to operate a PC with their hands; it means you will no longer need a mouse at all. What is bad news for the mouse is that the controller can even recognize voice commands. It is reported that conceptually it borrows from the hi-tech Xbox controller.

The controller comes equipped with much advanced technology enabling it to sense the position of the user’s hand when he/she maneuvers it in front of the monitor. It minutely tracks each and every movement of the user’s fingers for precise control. And since it recognizes people’s faces, you also get a customized-cum-personalized experience.

Priced at £200, the product is already available in the market. Go and get a first-hand experience of what more this gadget has in store!!


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