Friday, January 27, 2012

Tips To Reduce Cancer Risk

According to recent studies in UK, 40 percent of Cancer can be barred. We must know that there are many lifestyle related aspects that suit the reasons of Cancer occurrence. Here are 5 bad lifestyle habits avoiding which can help you to stay away from Cancer.

1.       Tobacco Chewing and Smoking
These days smoking is usually known as an important thing to get better social connection in different crowd. This lifestyle habit is responsible for innumerable deaths every year over the world, because this bad lifestyle habit is responsible for lung Cancer.  We already know how smoking is harmful for human body, smoking tobacco-based cigarettes, chewing tobacco increase the percentage of Cancer of different body parts.

2.       Alcohol
If you are alcohol addicted then you are at risk of getting introduced to the Cancers of liver, Cancers of bowel, pharynx and oral cavity, breast and esophagus. Alcohol consumption is responsible for colon and rectal Cancers too. Alcoholism is a social lifestyle habit that causes more harm than benefits.

3.       Different Meat Varieties
Diet plays an important role in human lifestyle and we must be careful in choosing the food for regular diets. Red meat is found to be linked with the beginning of pancreatic Cancer. According to meta-analysis the British Journal of Cancer which looked at different studies of more than 5000 pancreatic Cancer cases. These researches tell that there was a 29 percent increase in pancreatic Cancer risk for men who eat red meat daily.

4.       Unprotected Sex
If you get involved in unsafe sex, you can be victim of cervical Cancer and other different types of Cancers. Cervical Cancer is rising dramatically among women in their 20s. As per a study on cervical Cancer doctors blame the rise on the fact that girls are having unprotected sex.  Unsafe sex increases the presence of HPV Virus or.  HPV virus decreases the capability of human body to fight against these viruses.

5.       Hair Dyes
International Agency for Research into Cancer (IARC) said that use of hair dyes that contain huge number of chemicals in being linked with the increasing cases of Cancer. IARC said hairdressers have more risk of Cancer because they are regularly in touch to these chemicals.  However, by wearing globes and using others safety covers they can reduce their exposure.


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