Monday, January 30, 2012

Beware! Lottery Scam On The Prowl

If you are habitual to call back on unknown numbers, then you must have to stop this. An International crime cartel is active in lottery scam. If you call back on these unidentified numbers then they can rob your money easily. These scams generally originate in abroad. Most of these company offers connive to hatch a revenue- sharing plot. It is found that these doubtful agents can clone SIM card simply if you call them back. After that they program a new phone with the unique serial number of the caller’s phone and make calls at the cost of the latter.

They don’t stop at this. They access bank transaction details as well if the transaction has been performed on the phone, and they can clean out the caller’s bank accounts, too. We don’t know how our SIM card is being used.  It could be used by international organization for illegal activities. Senior cyber law expert Pavan Duggal said Indian telecom operators are aware of these issues, but in the absence of technology laws, no one can be responsible if the customer is cheated.

TRAI chairman J.S. Sharma said if consumers have been facing such problems we would look into it. If such scams being committed, we will initiate necessary action, and we will discuss the matter with telecom operators.  The cell users remain unaware to the fact that their SIM has hacked until they get information about downloading information from the Internet or money is being withdrawn.

Mr. Pavan Duggal said this fraud is a part of international racket, which are involved in lottery scam through email and phones. These calls are originating specially from Pakistan, Nigeria and African countries. Some calls are originating from India. Duggal said the call to these numbers costs high. The charge could be Rs 100-150/minor more. Few telecom operators are allegedly involved in TV jackpot game like identification of a film star or any other famous personality's photograph where callers get charged high call rates.


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